Studios & Clubs
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Our company provides spaces for events, artistic productions and professional video and photoshooting and clubbing, with modern style and perfect functionality. These structures are available for rent or sale.


Unique design, high quality of construction and visual effect that captures the eye  attention. Giving the ability to fully commercially exploit even the smallest available space, it upgrades the status of your professional activity.

Special constructions with containers that can not be compared with anything else you have seen and guarantee perfect results for all kinds of events and artistic productions, using them as studios or any kinds of recreational activities, such as clubbing and live events. Each structure can be adjusted depending on the available space, season, type of use and the equipment needed to operate, based on your preferences.


The structures can be adjusted and moved according to your needs, providing great flexibility and usability depending on the season and type of events.

It is obvious: the world enjoys the different and unique! Stand out and join us! Be different and innovative!

The organization and supervision of the event & studio planning globally is managed by PROMiS Media.