Container Garage
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Mouzaliotis Containers can make your own customized container garage, in a range of sizes and designs, according to your needs and desires.

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures.

Container garages are becoming more popular over time, as they are an excellent green alternative solution for companies or households.

Containers are an extremely flexible method of construction, being both modular in shape and extremely strong structurally. Shipping containers offer a huge structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional garage constructions. Because all the strength is contained in the structural elements, as a result the foundation design is simpler and less expensive.

As a high quality low cost solution, they are constructed and delivered quickly, without costly delays. 

Their adjustability and mobility allows for outstanding designs and space allocation. Besides the standard sealed garages, even small shelters can be placed to simply overhang. 

They can be placed anywhere for the safe keeping of your car or the storage of tools and other materials.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.

Single garage


single_02 single_03 single_04 single_05 single_06


single_08 single_09 single_10 single_11 single_12


Double-row garages


double-row_02 double-row_03 double-row_04 double-row_05 double-row_06


double-row_08 double-row_09 double-row_10 double-row_11 double-row_12
Large-truck garages


large-truck-garages_02 large-truck-garages_03 large-truck-garages_04 large-truck-garages_05 large-truck-garages_06


large-truck-garages_08 large-truck-garages_09 large-truck-garages_10 large-truck-garages_11 large-truck-garages_12




accessories_05 accessories_11 accessories_12 accessories_13 accessories_14


accessories_16 accessories_17 accessories_18 accessories_19 accessories_20