Container Canteens - Restaurants - Café
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Mouzaliotis Containers can make your own customized canteen, restaurant or Café container, in a range of sizes and designs, according to your needs and desires.

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures.

Container canteens, restaurants and Cafés are becoming more popular over time, as they are an excellent green alternative solution.

Most important, these structures obtain electric power either from the public circuit or from a generator and the pluming can also be connected either with the public sewage system or with a tank.

They can be placed anywhere for the display and sales of your products. With an edgy modern design your store will stand out, and will be ground-breaking. The perfect way to catch the eye of the public in colors and shapes, ingenious and practically.

Thinking of a box outside the box!

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.

Canteen in 20' Container


Technical Description of Restaurant-Container

External Dimensions (closed):
8' x 20' x 8'6" (2,4m x 6,1m x 2,6m)

External Dimensions (open):
15' x 20' x 8'6" (4,57m x 6,1m x 2,6m)

Original design, color of your choice and easy to move!

The restaurant- Cantina- Containers has all European Union and Hygiene specifications.
Also it is equipped with antiskid, none burnable and most important easy to clean floors.
The internal kitchen space lining can be done either with tiles or nickel, while a board is installed for saving energy moreover water, waste-water piping.
Extra: Hydraulic Doors (opens in 3 minutes)





kantina_09_800x600 kantina_07_800x600 kantina_08_800x600


kantina_10 kantina_11 kantina_12






Canteen - Restaurant constructed in 40 'Container

Technical description canteen - restaurant  
External dimensions (L x W x H): 12.192 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm
Internal dimensions (L x W x H): 11.500 x 2.300 x 2.390 mm
Solid construction frame, fixed  
Floor Load (max.): 2,0 kN/ m²
Top/Roof Load (max.): 2,3 kN/ m²
Floor, external walls Insulation: 60 mm
Roof Insulation: 100 mm

03 pcs. Exterior door, 875 x 2.000 mm, insulated, with frame, door knobcylinder lock, light dimensions (W x H): 0.850 x 2.000 mm

30 pcs. tableseats
10 pcs. "circular" windows (
scuttle type)
02 pcs. windows /
side bar and customer service desk

Fitted professional restaurant kitchen facilities (inox), refrigeration and freezer units, dishwasher, sink, grill (gas), ventilation, kitchen hood
Electrical installation according to ÖVE / VDE standard (Cable Connection through electricity channel supply box and plugs or inputs placed within the frame)
Plumbing Installation












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They can be placed anywhere to facilitate your café or restaurant and serve customers fast and satisfying. With an edgy modern design your place will stand out, the container structure of your cafeteria or restaurant will be ground-breaking and the perfect way to catch the eye of the public in colors and shapes, ingenious and practical.

Thinking of a box, outside the box!