Truck - Road Transportations
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truck_transportationsMouzaliotis Containers offers road transportation solutions to all companies and individuals who require their goods to be moved fast and accurate.

Mouzaliotis Containers provides high quality road transportation services, according to your needs, in competitive prices.  

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures, locks and generators.

Road transport is the best solution for a short transit time to get the cargo moved to wherever it is necessary. Furthermore, there are no set schedules, so if cargo needs to be transported urgently, we are able to offer road transportation immediately!

This service can be provided among the following demanded for handling and forwarding cargo.

Storage of the cargo in a suitable warehouse depot if necessary or pickup directly from the place of origin, directs the stuffing or packing of the material. We provide warehouses with the ability to store cargo efficiently and manage it accordingly. Also,  and the cargo can be prepared for stuffing into containers or placed and lashed on trucks to be moved to their destination.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.

The benefits and specifications of road transportation:

Usually cargo is moved to alternative depots for collection of more cargo, to ports or directly to the location desired. Eitherway, a customs procedure must be followed when necessary, in order to officially export the cargo and certify its trip. It takes knowledge and responsibility to handle the customs procedure, in either export or import services. The procedure varies in requirements, depending on the means of transport used and of course the countries where the cargo will originate from, travel through and finally be delivered. 

Some road transportations are done on regular routes or for one consignee per run, while others transport goods from many different loading stations/shippers to various consignees. On some long runs, only cargo for one lag of the route (to) is known when the cargo is loaded. Truckers may have to wait at the destination for the return cargo (from).

The cargo is either packed in boxes, on pallets or kept bulk. Most commonly cargo is containerized, so probably placed inside a container depending on the size and weight and further on the loading and unloading utilities (standard containers or special containers like open tops and curtain sides).