Tank Containers
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Mouzaliotis Container offers high quality tank container rental services for any kind of activities you may need. Our tanks capacities vary between 15.000 to 43.000 litres. 

The IMO Tank Containers, are the safe solution for food storage and transportation of fragile and flammable cargo.

They have a unique, high quality design, that provides easy transportation with any means of transport (ship, truck, train, airplane). They are usually used for food, liquids and other fragile cargo.

The available sizes are:

15000/17500/18000/20000/21000/23000/24000/25000-27000/43000 litres

To see more details and specifications for the tank containers, please click here.

Some major advantages:

- High protection level in low pressure gases and fragile cargos
- Competitive prices with excellent manufacturing quality
- Client support and services with genuine spare parts 
- Easy to transport and store
- Extra option: cooling with the use of a reefer container

Uses and cargos that a tank container may apply to:

UN1203 Motor Spirit
UN1230 Methanol
UN1257 Natural Gasoline
UN1232 Methyl Acetone
UN1231 Methyl Acetate
UN1235 Methylamine Aqueous ( c. <= 40% )
UN1238 Methyl Chloroformate
UN1234 Methylal

Rental Prices:

Rent per day: 27€
Guarantee deposit:1500€

The pickup of the tanks takes place from our depots.


Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.