Constructions with Containers
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Mouzaliotis Container GmbH provides container construction services, with structures applying to your needs and desires. 

Container houses, offices, garages, stores, cantines and any kind of structure, with the best quality and great offers! 

Mouzaliotis Containers can make your own customized high quality container stuctures, according to your needs and desires, in competitive prices.

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures, locks and generators.

Shipping containers have a great, stable steel structure that endures in rough conditions and weather forces through time. They can be easily transformed, processed, insulated, lined and refurbished. All of these main advantages of a shipping container and have led to their extended use as the main material,to build houses, offices, stores and several commercial spaces. We are active and optimistic in this quest for the alternative option to building, which saves time and money. We are constantly sourcing and researching better ways to provide our customers with the less expensive, yet sustainable quality and efficiency solutions.

How do you imagine your own tailor-made, one of a kind structure?

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.

To see more samples of our work in constructions of container houses, offices, cantines, WC, garages and more options, please click here


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