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Mouzaliotis Containers sells both second-hand and new ramps in a range of sizes and designs, globally.


Modern technology and engineering have outstanding results in the production of machinery and equipment used in industrial and logistics operations. Modern ramps, used to load and unload containers, have many advantages and significant benefits.

Depending mainly on the weight, there is a selection of ramps referring to their weight capacity (for example the 6 – 8 – 10 – 12  ton ramps).


A great benefit comes from mobility, since the ramps can be used wherever and whenever it is necessary.

Also, mobility helps in storage, in order to save space and prevent any corrosion caused from time.

Functionality and user-friendly abilities come from hydraulic systems, automated systems and a careful selection in materials used to manufacture the ramps. These combinations maximize the ramp’s durability.

Furthermore, ramps come in ingenious designs for ergonomical purposes or even with non obvious necessity, such as grill-design driveways to prevent tire-ware.

Safety and effectiveness with less risks, loss or damages are the basic but not the only factors taken into consideration, when offering such equipment.

Responsible service and care is our perspective.

We provide the following services and options:

Used or brand new ramps with custom design and based on your needs for sale or hire

Paint in a colour of your choice

Installation of locks and twistlocks in any container

Special constructions with containers

Customer services and technical support 

Spare parts and generators (gensets) in competitive prices

Container insulations

Express delivery of the containers with the global transportation and logistics network of Mouzaliotis Containers

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.


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