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Mouzaliotis Containers provides high quality pallets and container equipment. Our partners rank among the most internationally accepted container producers globally.

There are various types of pallets.  The common are Europallets and Standard pallets.

The size of Europallets is 800mm x 1,200mm while the size of Standard pallets is 1,000mm x 1,200mm.


There are many more variables that affect the loading methodology. One of the most important variables is weight. Heavy loads might limit your loading options. With lighter loads, cube utilization becomes a key variable. Depending on the size of the container and the way the pallets will be put in it, the container will fit a standard number of pallets.


This is where you must balance productivity with transportation costs. Loads going further distances will justify putting more effort into utilizing the cube than those going shorter distances. You may find that it makes sense to straight-load pallets for local and regional shipments, turn the loads or use pinwheeling for more distant shipments, and floor load containers for overseas shipments.

When loading anything but the lightest loads, equalized weight distribution is critical. Depending on the specific loads, this may involve alternating commodities as you load, using braces to leave empty spaces, or alternating side-by-side pallets with single pallets.

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