Meat Hanging System
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Mouzaliotis Containers can provide you high quality meat hanging systems for reefers, according to your needs and desires.

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures, locks and generators.

The stability and safety of a cargo like meat is very important, so every responsible professional, should invest in a quality meat hanging system, either for storage or transportation purposes.

To ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination in optimal condition, you should put a meat hanging rail track system, with hooks. The rail tracks and the hooks are designed for heavy loads, with unique safety paterns.


All the parts of the meat hanging equipment are made from high quality materials, with special security patents, allowing heavy weight cargo hanging and storage, thus achieving ultimate security levels.

The meat hanging systems are for both transportations or storage, with simultaneous access to the cargo.

You can choose the shape of the rails, according to the use, like "U" shaped, straight lined or any other custom shape you need.

The systems are lightweighted, and require limited space in your reefer. Also, the container can be easily transformed to a simple reefer container, by simply removing the system from the clips, which is easy to connect again when you need to.

The meat hanging system can be used in any kind and size of reefer container.

This procedure is very useful when the reefer is also used for other products.

The meat hanging systems can be used in reefers 8', 10', 20', 40' 40' High Cube, 45' High cube or any other container size.

We provide the following services and options:

Sales of new meat hanging systems with all the necessary parts and equipment

Paint of containers in a colour of your choice

Installation of locks and twistlocks in any container

Special constructions with containers

Customer services and technical support

Spare parts and generators (gensets) in competitive prices

Container insulations

Express delivery of the containers with the global transportation and logistics network of Mouzaliotis Container

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.

 Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.




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