Hook Lift Containers
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hooklift_01Mouzaliotis Containers sells both second-hand and new hooklift containers in a range of sizes and designs, globally.

Hooklift containers are used commonly across the agriculture, waste, forestry and construction industries, carrying all sorts or cargos, from bulk wood and unprocessed crops to recyclable, industrial and construction waste.

Our experience and extensive field testing, allow us to reinforce critical areas using high strength steel focusing on the dynamic strength and durability, lightness and payload optimization.

As hooklifts are used in transportation of bulk cargo in general and mostly heavy duty. They offer maximum safety during transportation and especially during unloading and loading the units. High attention is needed when lifting and steady hooking parts are essential due to difference in structure.

Another factor that outstands is the functionality of any hooklift to suit modern necessities and requirements. There are units with hydraulic system, removing the top lid part and of course those with manual systems. Upon request the lid may be removable in whole or partially.

The hooklift containers come in several shapes and sizes in accordance to the vehicle used to transport.

We provide the following services and options:

Used or brand new hooklift containers with custom design and based on your needs for sale or hire
Paint in a colour of your choice
Installation of locks and twistlocks
Special constructions with containers
Customer services and technical support
Spare parts and generators (gensets) in competitive prices
Container insulations
Express delivery of the containers with the global transportation and logistics network of Mouzaliotis Containers

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.


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