Genset Thermo King
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Extremely low fuel consumption / emissions generator, available in Clip-on and Under-mount.

Thermo King SG-3000 Genset

Mouzaliotis Containers can provide you high quality container gensets, in a range of sizes, according to your needs and desires. 

Our company is active in the container trading, modifications, reefer container and cargo handling industry. Additionally we have a fully operational department in container structures, locks and generators.

The power supply of a container and the cargo is very important, so every responsible professional, should invest in a quality power generator, either in storage or transportation. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.



SG + Microprocessor Controller

Extremely low fuel consumption / emissions

Available in Clip-on and Under-mounts applications



2lt displ, 34.1 HP
4cyl, Diesel, 12V DC starter
Fuel Type: No.1 ή No.2 Diesel
Generator nominal rating: 15kV, 18.75kVA AP @1800rpm
Voltage: 460V/230V, 3 phases
Battery: 12V, 925 CCA
Structural: Steel frame
Standard Fuel tanks:  
SGCO: 473 lt (125gal)
SGCM: 302 or 198 lt (80gal or 50gal)
SGSM: 283 lt (75gal)
SGCO: 818 Kg (1804lbs)
SGCM: 671 Kg (1480lbs)
SGSM: 678 Kg (1495lbs)
Dimensions: (H x W x L):  
SGCO: 1053 x 2337 x 710mm
800 x 1524 x 1334mm
SGSM: 787 x 1984 x 1092mm

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