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Mouzaliotis Containers sells both second-hand and new PalletWide containers in a range of sizes and designs, globally.

The new 20-20 Container is not just Pallet wide; it is Pallet friendly too, making the extra costs of shipping palletised cargo a thing of the past.

For over 50 years the benefits of palletisation have been held back because ISO containers are too narrow & too short to load pallets efficiently. A failing which increases the cost of shipping palletised cargos by between 25% & 35%.

Pallet wide containers may solve the width issue but they are too short internally for efficient pallet loading.

The new 20-20 pallet friendly container, is about to change things. Longer and wider internally than any other container pallets fit the 20-20 perfectly by utilising100% of available floor space. When full 15 Euro' (1.2x.8m) or 12 Standard' (1.2x1m) pallets can be stowed.

The extra cost of shipping pallets has encouraged exporters from powerhouse economies such as China, India & Brazil with low labour costs & lax health & safety regulations, to load freight by hand (Lumping) . 'Lumping' cause's damage, is injurious prone to pilfering & requires expensive crush proof packaging.

When hand loaded cargos arrive in Europe or North America health & safety becomes an issue, particularly handling cartons weighing over 20kg. Damage & pilfering are again a problem & queues for unloading can add cost & delay 'just in time' deliveries.

Ray Fenyoe of Stamford Research estimates that 'The inability to load containers using fork lift lifted pallets typically adds $300 per teu, where premium labour is employed'.

Above Unloading 1484 coolers took 3 workers 4 hours. 432 pails of paint unloaded by one man in 15 minutes.

The 20-20 allows shippers to pocket the savings of palletisation without incurring high shipping charges.


How does the 20-20 change things?

The 20ft PalletWide container is designed fit for the 21st century. In particular, it is a container that holds more cargo & carries pallets efficiently.

The 20-20 patented side panel corrugations turn outwards to nest with the next container. This clever idea increases the internal width 74mm to 2426mm, enough for two 1200mm or three 800mm wide pallets side by side.

Reclaiming wasted length

At the birth of containerisation a fully laden 20' containers weighed 20 tonnes (Maximum Gross Weight, MGW). It was imagined two 20' containers could be linked together (with interconnectors) to make a 40' x 40 tonne MGW module. A 3" (76mm) gap was required to fit the interconnector's & 20' containers shrank by 1½" to 19'10½ (6058mm).

20' containers MGW increased to 30 tonnes making it unsafe to use interconnectors & the 3" gap left for them became redundant.

Mouzaliotis Containers has reclaimed the 3" gap left for interconnectors to make the 20-20 fully 20' (6096mm) long. Special corner fittings allow the 20-20 to be handled & transported with all existing intermodal equipment. This together with ultra slim doors & flat front panels increase the internal length by 5" enough for:

15 (5 rows of 3) Euro pallets (4 more) or

12 (6 rows of 2) Standard pallets (2 more).

Consequently when FULLY loaded with pallets there is NO WASTED SPACE in a 20-20.

Shipping costs for dense cargos are normally calculated by mass rather than volume making them ideal for 20' containers. On many routes the shorter & lighter 20' has a distinct competitive advantage over 40' containers

Interestingly two 20-20 containers will carry 6 more pallets & up to 25 tonnes more payload than one standard 40' container. It is possible to mix Euro & Standard pallets in the same 20-20 & still have100% pallet utilisation.


Maximizing cargo volume & payload

In certain parts of the world, such as the USA the weight of containers allowed on the road is restricted, reducing payloads dramatically.

The ease of loading & unloading the 20-20 makes it possible to ship a 20-20 loaded to its MGW at sea or on rail (usually the most expensive legs of a journey), but when road weight become an issue, pallets can be quickly transferred to other containers or trailers, to meet the limit.


Slip sheets & paper Pallets

A snug fit inside makes the 20-20 ideal for using slip-sheets or lightweight pallets (including paper pallets) reducing costs whilst increasing useable volume & payload.


Full Pallet wide doors

To reduce pallet handling time the 2408mm wide doorway allows fork trucks to load pallets 2 or 3 at a time.

2408mm door opening option accepts Euro pallets three-abreast

We provide the following services and options:

 Brand new ISO palletwide containers for sale or hire

Used ISO  palletwide containers for sale or hire

Paint in a colour of your choice

Installation of locks and twistlocks in any container

Special constructions with containers

Customer services and technical support 

Spare parts and generators (gensets) in competitive prices

Container insulations

Express delivery of the containers with the global transportation and logistics network of Mouzaliotis Containers 

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.



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