Open Side Containers
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Mouzaliotis Containers sells both second-hand and new cargo-worthy open side containers in a range of sizes and designs, globally.

Open side containers are open on the one side and can get covered by steel doors or any material you want, such as plastic, canvas or any other cover fabric.

The available sizes are 20' Open Side, 40' Open Side, 40' High Cube Open Side.

All shipping containers must conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR, and CSC.

We provide the following services and choices:

Brand new open side containers for sale or hire
Used open side containers for sale or hire
Paint in a colour of your choice
Installation of locks and twistlocks
Special constructions with containers
Services and from our trained stuff
Spare parts and generators (gensets) in competitive prices
Container insulations
Express delivery of the containers with the global transportation and logistics network of Mouzaliotis Containers


The functionality of the Open Side containers is very useful to store cargo, in any place, for temporary or permanent storage. The quality of the container is high and it provides enough space to preserve the cargo in a safe and secure way. They are steady and clean, making them capable for any general cargo use. The side of the container is open and this option allows the loading of the cargo from the sides of the van, especially in places where the top might have limited space to open and there is a necessity for another way of managing the cargo.


The Open Side containers are also a great choice for quality transportation by ship, train, airplane or truck. The container will be constructed to be suitable for transportation in the following modes:

a) Marine: In the ship cell guides of vessels, nine (9) high stacked. On the deck of vessels, four (4) high 
stacked and secured by vertical and diagonal wire lashings.
b) Road: On flat bed or skeletal chassis, secured by twistlocks or equivalent at the bottom corner fittings.
c) Rail: On flat cars or special container cars secured by twistlocks or equivalent at the bottom corner fittings.

All the containers of Mouzaliotis Containers are tested and certified with measurements and high quality standards, from our expert personnel.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and to get an offer.


Colour: RAL 5010 gentian blue

CSC certified by Classification 
Society (GL, BV, ABS, LR, NV)

Max. Gross Weight (R) 24,000 kgs 52,910 1bs
Tare Weight (design) (T) +/-2% 3,180 kgs 7,010 1bs
Max. Payload (P) 20,820 kgs 45,900 1bs

External Dimensions:
Length 6,058 + 0mm 19' 10 1/2" + 0 - 6mm - 1/4"
Width 2,438 + 0mm 8' + 0 -5mm - 3/16"
Height 2,591 + 0mm 8' 6" + 0 -5mm - 3/16"

Internal Dimensions:
Length 5,898 mm 19' 4 13/64"
Width 2,287 mm 7' 6 3/64"
Height 2,299 mm 7' 6 33/64"

Door Opening:

Rear: Width 2,114 + 0mm 6' 11 15/64" + 0 -5mm - 3/16"
Height 2,169 + 0mm 7' 1 25/64" + 0 -5mm - 3/16"
Side: Width 5,702 + 0mm 18' 8 31/64" + 0 -6mm - 1/4"
Height 2,154 + 0mm 7' 51/64" + 0 -5mm - 3/16"

Forklift pockets:

Width 360 mm 1' 2 3/16"
Height (min.) 115 mm 4 1/2"
Center to center 2,050 mm +/- 50 mm 6' 8 11/16" +/- 2" 

Colour: RAL 5010 gentian blue

CSC certified by Classification 
Society (GL, BV, ABS, LR, NV)

External dimensions (m)
Length: 12.192
Width: 2.438
Height: 2.896

Internal dimensions (m)
Length: 12.031
Width: 2.288
Height: 2.547

Weight (kg)
Gross weightQ: 24,000
Loading: 18,300
Tare: 5,700

Forklift pockets (m)
Width: 0.360
Height: 0.115

Door opening (m)
Height: 2.280
Width: 2.343

Volume (m3):
Volume: 32.80











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